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Not sure what


to do for yourself or for your company staffs during break time? Look for us, we have various

Events, Live Events


Virtual Events

design specially for you. Look at our upcoming workshops that we have designed for our clients.

Suitable for anyone that wants to know how numbers can affect your health and wealth at the same time networking to expend your network to meet more new people.

Is suitable for people who wants to learn crochet from the basic. Or when you have experience but wants to learn new design with the guidance from our trainer.

Suitable for people who wants to know more how to get those lymph nodes pumping with gentle massage. And expend your network by meeting more new people.

Suitable for people who have experience in crochet. And wants to meet more ladies of the same interest to share tips and doing designs together.

This event is designed to create a safe and supportive space where we can come together to explore the power of mental awareness, embrace our inner strength, and foster a culture of compassion and understanding.

After completing our course, you’ll finally be able to walk away with a clear, actionable plan that you can start implementing right away. You’ll learn how to create a strategy that works for your unique business, and how to measure and optimize your social media efforts for maximum results.

361 Lifestyle Club is a community that guides you on how to do so!
During our gatherings, we make friends, have meaningful conversations and learn more about how to enjoy yourself while still fulfilling your roles.
Join us now and take a step towards a happier you!

This event is suitable for ladies who wants to learn and experience light yoga with a chair and and able to use the techniques learnt and apply at home.

Join us if you want to network with business owners, professionals or simply just keen to explore other opportunities.

Is suitable for kids age 4 to 12 years old. The session allows the kids to experience the fun of using simple coding to create a simple game out of it.

Discover the secrets to launching a successful online business with a supportive community of inspiring Entrepreneurs.
Empower each other to reach your full potential and improve

Join us if you want to network with business owners, professionals or simply just keen to explore other opportunities. With the wonderful desserts, drinks, coffee and tea on the table.

Suitable for people with an active lifestyle or job and those who are experiencing muscular tension and pain though work related activity, lifestyle or injury.

Suitable for people who has the interest of investing in Cambiodia.

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