Upcoming Events / Workshops

This webinar we will be going through what are the steps of starting an ecommerce business.

What the ways of doing the ecommerce business in a cheaper, easier way of doing.

Hearing your child say ‘I can’t do Math, I am just good at it’, can be an early sign they might be going down the wrong path with the subject?

– How Can Your Children Master The Concept of Guess & Check
– How Can Your Children Stay Focus, Remember & Be Happy

Starting an ecommerce business is hard work and demands many steps and decisions that need to come together at the right time.

What the ways of doing the ecommerce business in a cheaper, easier way of doing.

Learn to Make your Cake – Step by Step from Your Home

3 Events for 3 different months
July – Strawberry Shortcake
Aug – Pandan Kaya Layer Cake
Sep – Tiramisu

Spend a little a time and help your family members regularly or rub your acupuncture points and condition the body’s meridians, in exchange for great health?

In our workshop, we will be learning about pressing acupuncture points and meridian knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine to enhance your love one health..

Each month, we will be conducting a reading session for the kids with special guest. From english to chinese books.
In the session we will also be sharing what books that is suitable for the kids to read. Place to borrow or purchase the books.

Are you thinking of selling your product/service, reach out to more customers and to promote your brand on Facebook?

Attend this 3 hours sessions and let the professional to guide you from stretch.

This workshop has 3 different projects for you to choose from.
1. Spa Gift Set (For beginner)
2. Hand Sanitizer Holder (For beginner)
3. Bunnies With Hearts/Easter Egg (For advance)

Suitable for small startup are facing the problem of how to expand the customer base globally(to overseas), using Social Media.

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