Collaboration / Partnership

Below are the companies that we are collboration / partnering with. Feel free to visit them.
Any purchases, please let them know that you are recommended by us Allageentrepreneurs.
You will be able to get special rate from them.

Iris Healthcare specialise in Pre/Post Natal Care. They does customised based on each and everyone condition to have the treatment. As each and everyone of you are special to them. Experience with them with their trial sessions at the comfort from your own home.

BookBums promote kids the love for reading by encourage extensive reading, critical thinking through discussions. foster respect, interaction, cooperation and collaboration. It helps to nurture reflection and self-evaluation. Through BookBums, they hoped to equip your children with the life skills essential as well as to become analytical thinkers.

happyonionbakes has a passion for cooking and baking pretty things. A pastry & bakery graduate from Sunrice Global-chef Academy and a full time mother of 4, she enjoys working with brands to develop recipes either from scratch or enhancing what is already in place. Through her Instagram, she shares her experiences and favorite food recipes.

Do you have your own business that is looking for collaborations / partnership?

Tell us what your business is. What have to offer us.

We will get connected to you for a suitable time for discussion what is the best solution for both parties.

Can either email us at
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