All About Learning

Who we are?

We are two ladies who are passionate in nurturing a child’s appetite for reading. How can we make reading fun? Therefore, we decided to start a book club designed for kids from ages six to nine (K2-P3), to introduce them into reading and to make reading fun.

Individual attention
BookBums hopes to bring the kids together to learn and discuss stories from a wide array of genres so that they will discover what kinds of books interest them most. Therefore, we believe in keeping the class numbers low

Fantastic facilities
Our facilities will be in town area where is near mrt stations for everyone to have the easy access even you do not have any own transportation.

Life-long learning
Through All About Learning, we hoped to equip your children with the life skills essential as well as to become analytical thinkers.

Objective of the club

Promote a love for reading 
Encourage extensive reading
Encourage critical thinking through discussions
Foster respect, interaction, cooperation and collaboration
Nurture reflection and self-evaluation

About the event

Reading books early for children is important. As it stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word.

Therefore, is important to let the children to cultivate the love of reading as early as possible.

Each month, we will be conducting a reading session for the kids. From English to Chinese books.

In the session we will also be sharing what books that is suitable for the kids to read. Place to borrow or purchase the books.

For our very 1st reading session in Nov 2020, the book we will be reading is a Chinese book “闹闹”.
Specially invited guest is the autor of the book Rebecca Leow.

If anyone has interest to join us as a special guest or to recommend us, feel free to contact us @ allageentrepreneurs@gmail.com.

Invited Guest

Rebecca Leow
– Scriptwriter / Story Planner
– Plotted and written children drama
– 闹闹的故事
– 小厨当家
– Written Chinese Children’s book since 1993

Wants to enquiry more with us?

We are delighted and welcome you to ask more about our events and how to partnering or join us.
Send us an email to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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